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Thursday, May 11, 2017


I'm so excited.  Most of you know that May was already a special month for me, but now it is even more special:  It is National Scrapbooking month!  This month is going to be so busy for me.  I get to spend Wednesday through Saturday with my leader, Tina, and a few other CTMH Consultants working, eating and having some fun.  Tomorrow we are going to the Magic Kingdom.   I wonder if it will be hot?? LOL  That's the fun part.
Thursday, we all go to work - at Stamp and Scrapbook EXPO. Thursday is set-up day. That will be a ton of work. Thank goodness there are more than a few of us. 
Friday and Saturday will be fun and work. I love meeting all of the other crafters at EXPO. It's amazing how many of the same people I see year after year.  EXPO is wonderful.  I will be working for Tina this year. I actually met Tina in 2007 or 2009 (I can't remember exactly) at the EXPO. She is an amazing artist, motivator and friend.
Sunday, I may have to sleep all day! 
Since it is National Scrapbooking Month, Close To My Heart also has a fabulous Special to help us celebrate.  Yesterday I received my package and it is beautiful - as always! It includes the Live Beautifully Cut Above™  layout kit, a My Legacy™ album  (D-ring or post-bound), one Marvy® Uchida® LePen™ journaling pen, and one Tombow®  permanent adhesive.  It has everything needed to create some wonderful pages. Ok, so maybe Sunday I will be working on this lovely Kit. This kit is only available this month, while supplies last. You can get the layout kit alone or get a discount by buying it as part of an album bundle. And if you love the look of these pages, be sure to check out the coordinating Live Beautifully paper packet and My Acrylix® Live Beautifully stamp set! 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hi All, As we get close to the end of March, I just want to remind everyone that the Close To My Heart Stamp Of The Month for March will no longer be available after the 31st. Get yours now for only $5 with any qualifying order. It is wonderful for the Mother's Day and other fun cards and scrapbook pages you want to make. Remember, it is so important to save your memories so you can bring them to life again and again. Your children will be glad you did! It is amazing how much... they enjoy going through their scrapbooks and showing off - especially as they get older. They love to laugh at how funny their clothes were - especially when they were babies. YOU will laugh and cry and remember all those special moments. Check out the new Clearance items and don't forget to get your Stamp Of the Month, Tea-rrific S1703 . You will love all the fun things you can do with it!!
You can contact me at any time at 407-247-9574, or visit my website at


March 24th, 11:00 am
Bring a snack to share and your own drink(s)

March 31st, 11:00 am
Bring a snack to share and your own drink(s)

Monthly Hostess Workshop
April 13th, 2:00 pm
Bring a snack to share and your own drink(s)
We are using the "Some Kinda Wonderful" Workshop Kit

I hope you can make it to one or all of these events.

I get to have 2 of my Grandsons this weekends. I can't wait! it has been way too long. I miss them now that I don't get to see them as often. I love the summertime because they spend more time with me. I plan to have tons of fun with them this summer in the pool, fishing, baking and making projects. School can't be over soon enough for this Grandma. I'm more impatient than school kids! LOL
Without the pool to play in, I've got to put my thinking cap on to figure out how to keep them busy for 2 full days.

Have a great week - see you Friday!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017


I need to see if anyone is reading this. So, if you could make a comment, I will give you your choice of any "A" sized stamp set!! 


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Well, yesterday I crafted most of the day - WOO HOO. Then I decided to join in on the fun of the Close To My Heart (CTMH) Color Dare for this week. I enjoyed putting together a "family" page using the colors required. I like the way it turned out. NOW, I have to figure out how to link it to the CTMH Color Dare blog. I wish I knew someone who could help me with blogging...

It took me quite awhile to add a link to my CTMH website - which I did last week - but I forgot what I did!  I hate when that happens. But now, you can read this and then shop!!

Here is my Color Dare artwork:

  A little bling and lots of LOVE
"FAMILY" is highlighted on the CTMH word search paper. Colors are Fern, Sapphire, Lemon and Daisy White. The photo is from December 2010 and includes my Mom & Dad, my 2 sons and my 3 grandsons.

I also worked on our monthly workshop scrapbook pages: Dreamin' Big. I love the bugs!!  Especially since I have 3 Grandsons. It is perfect for them. I will finish today and post all 6 or 8 pages tomorrow.

My friends Anne and Debbie are coming by today to work on their Wreaths. Can't wait to see how theirs turn out!

Happy Scrapping,
Close To My Heart
Independent Consultant

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hello again,
I have not done any crafting today. I was supposed to update some HOA documents and didn't do that either. I didn't finish the laundry load I was supposed to finish. Actually, I don't know what I did all day. Oh, we did order Pizza Hut and so I had my favorite personal pan pizza. I ordered 2 and a medium pizza for Tom. We were supposed to split the second personal pan - but he ate the whole thing! I couldn't believe it. Now he has part of the medium pizza left and I don't have anything...woe is me.

I read one of my favorite bloggers today - she does recipes, which aren't my favorite, but her blog is so funny. Today she talked about NOT closing cabinet doors & drawers when she is busily baking or cooking. Her husband comes home and counts each drawer or door as he closes them. Even though she has hurt herself numerous times, she still does it. I laugh out loud when I read her blog. Other than Close To My Heart, I don't really follow any other blogs...

I was able to talk to both Ethan and Seth last night. Ethan, at 10, doesn't talk much. He probably has better things to do. BUT, my little Seth is a talker. He won't stop. If I ask him what he did today, he will tell me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!!  Seriously, he told me what he does from the time he gets to school until he leaves for the day. He told me all the things he learned also...what he is studying and his favorite subjects. What a doll-baby!

Bonus - I got to see Tristan - the middle Grandson. I finally dropped off my D-I-L's Christmas gift and got to give my T a big hug and kiss. We didn't have much time to talk, but it's ok. Vanesa loved her gift, T liked his new kitten ornament (they got a new kitty) and Stuart liked his statuette of the UCF stadium. (Thanks, Peggy!!)

It's Thursday night and I don't watch any TV on Thursdays. I guess I'd better get busy with my HOA documents.

Talk to you soon. It's time for my favorite snack - iced mild and a nutty bar!! YUM, YUM

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

End of February is coming up soon

WOW - how cool. I haven't been blogging too often because I have to keep up the FB page, the emails, my events and trying to do my Newsletter. Regarding the Newsletter, I think I will do it every other month. Regarding this blog, I have been trying to set up the "shop with me" link to my website and I couldn't figure it out. My computer specialist son, Stuart, couldn't help because he's been so busy and he doesn't know that much about blogging. But TODAY I figured it out and it actually worked!  Now, I'm excited. So, if you'd like to shop for anything you see on my blog or want to look at new products, etc...the hyperlink works.  YEAH

We have had a busy month. Tom had back surgery at the end of January and instead of recuperating like he should, I think he is overdoing it a bit. Time will tell...

For a short month, February always takes more time than other months. Must be in my head only though, because it really doesn't have more days, they are just slowly passing.  Even so, I didn't get my so-called monthly Newsletter done - so I'm changing it to every other month. I need to use my new Close To My Heart Planner to plan and set deadlines. It's not as if I watch a lot of TV or anything either. I don't know what I do all day, hmmm,  I need to think more about this and see what changes I need to make regarding my schedule.

2 of my grandsons have birthdays coming up - March 10th and 14th - brothers, 5 years apart. So we usually celebrate them together.  I'm hoping we go bowling this year. Many of us bowl and it is so much fun. I haven't bowled in awhile, but I'm sure I could still throw it down and hit a few pins...LOL

I have to check the camera to see if I have any photos to share of our artwork.  BUT - I hope some of you will post your work here on the blog. Also, comments are welcome and encouraged anytime. 

Don't forget we have an open crop this Saturday from 11 am until 9 or 10. I'm looking forward to having some new croppers. If not this Saturday, maybe next month.

There is still time to get in on the February special, if you've ever thought about joining my team, now is the time. You only have to host a party and any rewards can be put towards your Kit.

The kit we are working with at the next Workshop is Dreamin' Big:
Here are a few cards that I'm in the process of making. I have to wait for glitter and Liquid Glass to dry before I can finish.

Thanks for visiting. See you again soon on the internet.
Close To My Heart

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tom was able to drive home today after his back surgery yesterday. Boy, laser surgery is easier than what I had done a couple years ago. I was in the hospital for 4 days, I think. Maybe it just felt like I was in there that long. I was very surprised that he drove home today, that's for sure. I think he wants me to take care of him though. That's a good thing, I don't mind. He has spent most of today sleeping, but tomorrow he is going to have to get out a take a few short walks. I guess I will have to force him to walk. It is much easier to lay around and recover, but with his blood clot problem, it is better if he starts walking keeps walking.

I didn't get any crafting in today. I was busy checking out all the posts about our crop yesterday and seeing photos of artwork on my page and on the CTMH Artwork page. I don't have any new photos to post, but maybe tomorrow.

I have to take care of my baby now!!